Prostitution Act

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Prostitution Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill


This is bill to regulate prostitution in Liberalia.

Article I: Extent

Clause 1: Prostitutes are defined as those of either gender who sell sex in exchange for money.

Section a: Paying someone in exchange for sex as a private transaction in a private home without solicitation in public or through the use of pimps is allowed

Clause 2: Employees of a brothel may be considered as those who hold a job in the brothel but do not offer sex in exchange for money.

Clause 3: All brothels shall that wish to operate must be licensed by the nation in which the brothel wishes to operate.

Section a: Licences must be renewed every year.

Section b: The licence must be displayed publically

Section c: Representations shall be made by any interested party in favour or against the award of a licence.

Clause 4: All prostitutes will be checked for STDs.

Section a: Checks must be made every 3 months by a qualified medicinal practicioner and a certificate of clean health is to be given.

Section b: A certificate must be shown on request to anyone who wishes to see it.

Section c: A brothel may carry out checks on a customer for evidence of STDs

Article II: Restrictions

Clause 1: Solicitating money for sex on the streets or other public place is banned.

Clause 2: The practise of pimping will be banned

Section a: Pimping shall be defined as the practise of soliciting members of the public to have sex with a prostitute.

Section b: Employees of a brothel shall not be considered as pimps if they are not paid directly by the customer.

Section c: Prostitutes may give money to employees of a brothel out of their earnings.

Clause 3: Starting work as a prostitute is to be voluntary.

Article III:

Clause 1: Unlicensed brothels shall be closed down immediately on discovery.

Clause 2: A customer who in the opinion of the brothel employees is causing trouble, harrasment or undue alarm may be arrested by the police and charged with breach of the peace or harrassment. Any violence used on a prostitute will lead to charges of GBH. Murder or manslaughter of a prostitute shall be subject to the normal laws of the nation in which the crime is committed.

Section a: Multiple offences may lead to stronger sentencing.

Section b: A nation may make their own decision on a sentence tariff for each of the crimes of breach of the peace, harrassment, GBH, murder and manslaughter.

Clause 3: Anybody forcing people to become prostitutes not of their own free will, will be arrested and charge with trafficking.

Section a: A nation may make their own decision on a sentence tariff for trafficking.

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